Cannabinoid analysis by FTIR

Fast, easy and reliable analysis method of THCA and CBDA decarboxylation in cannabis oil and flower samples by infrared spectroscopy.

Elemental Analysis of Lithium-ion Battery Samples via ICP-OES

How to set up an analysis for these challenging matrices on ICP-OES.

Bring it all together with Data Analysis & Processing as well as Report Generation and Customization

200.7 and 6010 methods from sample preparation to report generation.

Getting excellent results without the complexity! Introduction to EPA 200.8, EPA 6020 methods workflow in ICP-MS

Environmental applications with Agilent ICPMS systems.

Expanding Your UV-Vis Measurement Capabilities through the use of Accessories

Explore various options for expanding measurement capabilities, especially the Cary 3500 with the recently introduced Flexible Module.

Analysis of Major and Trace Constituents in Li-ion Battery Electrolyte Solutions using ICP-OES

Broad overview of Li-ion battery architecture and the raw materials that go into them.

See it to believe it! Bring it All Together, an ICP-MS software and hardware live demo

Environmental applications with Agilent ICPMS systems.

Identification of Raw Materials by a Handheld Instrument in Amber Glass, Paper Bags, and Other Challenging Containers

Innovative use of Spatially Offset Raman Spectroscopy (SORS) for Raw Material Verification.

Understanding UV-Vis-NIR Optical Benches: Making the Best Choice for Your Needs

Fundamental design considerations that make the Cary instrument family unique in UV-Vis-NIR measurements.

Trace level Analysis of Battery Components and Bulk Constituents using ICP-MS

See how a sensitive, multi-element technique like ICP-MS can be used to quantitate the main and trace elements in a variety of these complex matrix types.