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Transforming your Lab to Digital & Paperless

Explore opportunities for automation, artificial intelligence, robotic systems, virtual reality, informatics, advanced algorithms, and consistent data structures.

Introducing KnowItAll Quantitation: Complete & Simplify Your Analytical Workflow

In this session we will Introduce KnowItAll’s simple and intuitive quantitation process and demonstrate through live examples the various methods supported by KnowItAll.

The Digital Lab Connection

Using IoT sensor technologies, AI modeling,and advanced analytics, your digital lab can safely capture data.

Innovations in ICPMS MassHunter Software: Making the Most of Your Analysis

Recent innovations in ICPMS MassHunter and how these innovations can assist analysts be more confident in there data.

What's New in KnowItAll 2024

The latest features and how they can impact your research and analyses.

Elevate your lab: How to manage a successful LIMS implementation

How to achieve a successful laboratory software installation.

From Paper to Pixels: Success stories of laboratories embracing digitalization

Success stories of how they navigated the journey to lab digitalization, from strategy and planning to implementation and optimization.

How to choose the right LIMS solution

Understand the key considerations when selecting a LIMS to best meet your goals and elevate your lab.

Advances in Food & Beverage Analysis 2023

The third edition of this online symposium will provide industry and academic scientists with the opportunity to hear from experts from across the field.

Meeting 21 CFR 11 Compliance with the Cary 3500 Flexible UV-VIS Spectrometer

We will discuss an overview of the instrument's newest functions as well as the software's ability.