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CASE: (Computer-Assisted Structure Elucidation) Studies for Benchtop NMR system

Join us for a webinar on CASE (Computer-Assisted Structure Elucidation) Studies for Benchtop NMR system.

Bee or not to be? Is your honey authentic?

The webinar will discuss the application of H-NMR and the Honey Profiling 3.1 Method in daily routine for authenticity and quality analysis of honey.

Advanced NMR Strategies for Pharmaceutical Molecule Characterization and Structure Analysis

Measurements of Anisotropic RDC Data for Stereochemical Characterization of Molecules. CASE-3D Methodology and DFT Combine for Structure Analysis of AMGEN APIs. StereoFitter - NMR stereochemical analysis.

Efficiently Driving Protein-based NMR Fragment Screening and Lead Discovery

We will explore the potency ranking methods and how the combined utility can be used successfully to drive a Fragment-Based Drug Discovery (FBDD) campaign.

Streamlining NMR Spectrometer Usage, a Use-Case of SmartDriveNMR for Pharmaceutical Industry

This webinar will present use case, towards automated, failsafe on-the-fly optimization of NMR acquisition for structural analysis.
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