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Testing and measurement solutions for hydrogen technologies

Solutions for the full development and manufacturing lifecycle that are enabling a global adoption of hydrogen technologies.

From Lab to Market: Accelerating Next Generation Battery Development with Plasma FIB-SEM and TOF-SIMS Workflows

The role of a Scanning Electron Microscope equipped with a Focused Ion Beam (FIB-SEM) uniquely combined with a compact Time-of-Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometer (ToF-SIMS).

AI-powered X-ray Microscope Reconstruction Technologies for Gamechanging Capabilities in Battery and Fuel Cell Research

You will learn how 3D X-ray microscopy coupled with AI-based reconstruction technologies can help to overcome these challenges in imaging and simulation of battery and fuel cell processes

From Deep Space to Deep Learning. State of the Art Imaging of Extraterrestrial Samples

Learn about some of the newest analytical techniques that help us to understand the formation of the universe, and how to best study return mission samples.

Key benefits in the characterisation of Powders, Particles, and 2D materials by AFM-in-SEM

Characterization of Powders, Particles, 2D materials by AFM-in-SEM.

Architecture and Stoichiometry of Human Shelterin Using Single-Particle EM and Mass Analysis

Purification of shelterin subcomplexes and reconstitution of the entire complex using full-length, recombinant subunits.

AFM-in-SEM LiteScope 2.5: Redefining In-Situ Correlative Analyses

Introduction to AFM-in-SEM and In-Situ Correlative Microscopy. Discover key Innovations and features of LiteScope 2.5. Open Hardware/Software Philosophy.

What makes Raman microscopy the ideal coupling method between optical microscopy and chemical characterization?

We will present how these different microscopy modalities, combined with Raman spectroscopy, make Raman microscopy so powerful.

Sub-500nm Simultaneous IR+Raman Microscopy for Microplastics and Materials Science Research

This webinar discusses this novel technique and provides numerous application examples.
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