ICPMS webinars focusing on ICP/MS/MS | LabRulez ICPMS

Troubleshooting Tips and Tricks in Single Quad and Triple Quad ICP-MS

Most common tips and tricks on troubleshooting Agilent ICPMS, both single quad and triple quad.

Back to Basics Mini Workshop: How ICP-QQQ Works

General theory on ICP-MS and what lead to the development of the ICP-QQQ back in 2012.

Success in ICP-MS analysis: Method optimization, maintenance, and troubleshooting tips and tricks

Tips and tricks for method development and daily operation (tuning, performance, inspection routines, method optimization, data analysis and troubleshooting, maintenance)

Power your ICP-MS analysis: New solutions to overcome the challenges of high matrix samples and boost productivity

The new Thermo Scientific® iCAP® RQplus ICP-MS and the new Thermo Scientific® iSC-65 autosampler.

Sample automation and sample introduction for ICP-MS: Latest advances for autodilution and sample introduction system optimization

The latest advances in sample automation and autodilution and sample introduction system components.

Set up for success in ICP-MS: Standard and sample preparation best practices and innovations to reduce errors and maximize analyte recovery

Learn how to set up for success in ICP-MS analysis by reducing systematic errors and streamlining standard and sample preparation processes within the trace elemental analysis workflow.

Getting excellent results without the complexity! Introduction to EPA 200.8, EPA 6020 methods workflow in ICP-MS

Environmental applications with Agilent ICPMS systems. Basic theories of ICPMS, typical workflow of the most common EPA methods.

Fundamentals of Mass Spectrometry with the ICP-MS/MS

What are Atonomic Spectroscopy and Mass Spectroscopy and why are they important.

Unearth the importance of Single Mass Resolution for MS/MS with Triple Quadrupole ICP-MS (ICP-QQQ)

Typically challenging elements of P, S and Si and show how ultrarace level analysis of these elements can easily be achieved.

Managing doubly charged rare earth element interferences in single quadrupole and triple quadrupole ICP-MS

We will discuss the procedures to correct for doubly charged interferences (ICP-MS), and the utilization of ICP-MS/MS technology to eliminate the bias when doubly charged elements are present.