Identification of Forensic Fabrics Using a Portable Raman Spectrometer

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RAMAN Spectroscopy
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STRam® Raman spectrometer for analysesthrough non-transparent packagingBWT-840000676Below, the accessories are grouped into Scope of delivery and Optional accessories.Please keep this printout at hand for ordering replacement material.These lists may be subject to change.Scope of delivery BWT-840000676Qt.Order no.Description1 PCSBWT-810000044 BWSpec SoftwareBWSpec®...
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410000004-ARaman Spectroscopy in ArchaeologicalStudiesIntroductionChemical identification is an important part of the study of archaeological artefacts andartworks. This information can be obtained through nondestructive Raman analysis directlywithin the environment in which the artefacts are discovered. This information is extremelyhelpful in forming...
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410000051-AIdentification of Microplastics with PortableRaman MicroscopyIntroductionOver the past few decades, plastic litter has emerged as a pollutant of concern in the oceansglobally. Microplastic, defined as plastic litter less than 5 mm in size, is considered the mostabundant form of marine...
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Metrohm i-Raman Prim portable Raman spectrometer
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Raman SolutionRAMAN PrimeA Metrohm Group CompanyHigh-Throughput and Sensitivity Portable Raman SystemThe i-Raman® Prime is a low-noise, high-throughput, and fully integrated Ramansystem with an embedded tablet computer and a fiber-optic sampling probe,delivering research-grade Raman capabilities, including real-time quantitationand identification capabilities. The...
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