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STRam® Raman spectrometer for analysesthrough non-transparent packagingBWT-840000676Below, the accessories are grouped into Scope of delivery and Optional accessories.Please keep this printout at hand for ordering replacement material.These lists may be subject to change.Scope of delivery BWT-840000676Qt.Order no.Description1 PCSBWT-810000044 BWSpec SoftwareBWSpec®...
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410000025-AIdentification of Forensic Fabrics Using aPortable Raman SpectrometerIntroductionAt a crime scene, a police officer collects a fiber sample that may prove to be invaluableevidence in identifying a criminal or exonerating an innocent person. While FTIR has beenused for analysis in...
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Metrohm i-Raman Pro portable Raman spectrometer
2020|Metrohm|Brochures and specifications
RAMAN ProA Metrohm Group CompanyRaman SolutionHIGHLY Deep-Cooled,SENSITIVE, HIGH STABILITY,COMPUTER-INTEGRATED FIBER OPTIC RAMANSYSTEMRaman SystemHigh-Sensitivity/ResolutionPortableThe i-Raman® Pro is a fully integrated Raman system with an embedded tabletcomputer and a fiber-optic sampling probe, providing real-time quantitationand identification capabilities in a high-sensitivity, high-resolution portableRaman....
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Portable Raman Spectroscopyfor Art & ArchaeologyApplicationsA Metrohm Group CompanyPortable Raman Spectroscopy is widely used forthe analysis of paintings, ceramics, statues (surfacecoatings), and other artifacts. The flexibility of fiberoptics in conjunction with the non-destructive andnon-contact nature of Raman spectroscopy allowsmeasurements to...
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