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Agilent ICP Expert Software
2022|Agilent Technologies|Technical notes
Technical OverviewAgilent ICP Expert SoftwarePowerful software with smart tools for ICP-OESIntroductionThe Agilent 5800 ICP-OES and Agilent 5900 ICP-OES are controlled by the AgilentICP Expert software. ICP Expert uses a familiar worksheet interface and offerssimplified method development and sample analysis. It...
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Application NotePharmaceuticalElemental Impurities in Aspirin: USP<232>/<233> and ICH Q3D MethodsUsing ICP-OESValidation of the USP <232>/<233> method on anAgilent ICP-OESAuthorLindsey Whitecotton, GregGilleland, Elizabeth Kulikov, andAmir LibaAgilent Technologies, Inc., USASamina HussainExova, USAIntroductionPharmaceutical manufacturers are required to control elemental impurities in drugproducts. Sources...
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FACT spectral deconvolution
2012|Agilent Technologies|Technical notes
FACT spectral deconvolutionTechnical overviewIntroductionIn a perfect world, ICP-OES instruments would have infinite spectralresolution, with the most sensitive emission lines for each element alwaysbeing free from spectral interference, regardless of the sample. For complexsample matrices, this is not always possible, but...
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Application NoteMaterialsAssessing the Platinum Group MetalContent in Car Catalyst RecyclingMaterials by ICP-OESAccurate determination of palladium, platinum, andrhodium using the Agilent 5800 VDV ICP-OESAuthorIntroductionMarc-André GagnonPlatinum group metals (PGMs)—palladium (Pd), platinum (Pt), rhodium (Rh),ruthenium (Ru), iridium (Ir), and osmium (Os)—are transition metals...
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