APWC: Analysis of radioactive iodine-129 by ICP-QQQ using MS/MS mode and an octopole reaction cell with axial acceleration

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Determination of Iodine-129 in Aqueous Environmental Samples by ICP-MS withHigh Energy Oxygen Collision/Reaction Cell Technique. (PC-330)Kazumi Nakano, Yasuyuki Shikamori, Naoki Sugiyama and Shinichiro Kakuta, Agilent Technologies Inc.European Winter Conference on Plasma Spectrochemistry, Zaragoza SpainIntroductionIodine-129 is a long-lived radionuclide (half life...
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The ultratrace determination of iodine129 in aqueous samples using the 7700xICP-MS with oxygen reaction modeApplication noteNuclearAuthorsKazumi Nakano, YasuyukiShikamori, Naoki Sugiyama andShinichiro KakutaAgilent TechnologiesTokyo, JapanFirst presented at the 2011 WinterPlasma Conference, Zaragoza,Spain, Jan 30th–Feb 4th 2011.AbstractDetermination of the radionuclide iodine 129...
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Applications of ICP-MSICP-QQQ Applications inGeochemistry, Mineral Analysis,and Nuclear ScienceApplication Compendium > Return to table of contents> Search entire documentExplore New Opportunities in Geochemistry,Mineral Analysis, and Nuclear Science With theAgilent 8900 ICP-QQQAgilent atomic spectroscopy instruments are known for their robustness,excellent control of...
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Analysis of radioactive iodine-129 by ICP-QQQ using MS/MS modeand a new octopole reaction cell with axial accelerationYasuyuki Shikamori1, Kazumi Nakano1, Naoki Sugiyama1, Maki Honda2, Aya Sakaguchi2, Keisuke Sueki2European Winter Conference for Plasma Spectrochemistry 2017ID: 106 / POSTER 2 - ISO:...
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