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True simultaneous ICP-OES for unmatched speed and performance
2012|Agilent Technologies|Technical notes
True simultaneous ICP-OES forunmatched speed and performanceTechnical overviewIntroductionThe Agilent 700 Series ICP-OES spectrometers combine state-of-the-artechelle optical design with innovative CCD detector technology. Leadingthe way, the 720 Series incorporate Image Mapping (I-MAP) and AdaptiveIntegration Technology (AIT). This combination provides unique, truesimultaneous...
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Superior ICP-OES optical design forunmatched speed and performanceTechnical Overview5110 ICP-OESIntroductionThe Agilent 5110 ICP-OES combines a vertical torch, unique dual view andsynchronous dual view pre-optics, and state-of-the-art echelle optical designwith innovative CCD detector technology. The efficient and highly optimizedoptical design in...
Key words
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CCD and CID solid-state detectors
2016|Agilent Technologies|Technical notes
CCD and CID solid-state detectorsTechnical Overview5110 ICP-OESIntroductionMany of today’s ICP-OES instruments have progressed from traditionalphotomultiplier tube (PMT) detection systems to solid-state charge transferdevices including the charge-coupled device (CCD) and charge injectiondevice (CID). The role of the detector has not changed...
Key words
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Technical OverviewInnovative Freeform Optical DesignImproves ICP-OES Speed andAnalytical PerformanceAgilent 5800 ICP-OES and Agilent 5900 ICP-OESIntroductionThe innovative optical design of the Agilent 5800 and 5900 ICP-OES hastransformed each instrument’s analytical performance, size, warm-up and purgetimes. These improvements are due to the...
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