High Sensitivity Measurement of Ultra-Trace Amount of Silicone Oil by IRXross

Applications | 2022 | ShimadzuInstrumentation
FTIR Spectroscopy
Energy & Chemicals
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C103-E135Fourier Transform Infrared SpectrophotometerIRXross IR, Xross overThe IRXross ™ creates a new concept for infrared spectroscopy.It offers the optimal solution for a new era with diverse application requirements.Hi gh - En d S e n sit ivit y for Count le...
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C103-E137Vol.38Development of a Boron Nitride Solid BaseCatalyst and Evaluation of its Structure andSolid Basic Properties Using FTIR Spectroscopy ------- 02Using FTIR Data across Software Platforms ------- 06Good Spectra and Peak Distortion ------- 08Q&A Do All ATR Spectra Require ATR Correction?...
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IRXrossTM Fourier Transform Infrared SpectrophotometerApplicationNewsMonitoring of Adhesive Curing using Time CourseMeasurement with FTIR SpectroscopyZhen Hao LeeShimadzu (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd, SingaporeUser Benefits Time-course measurement software allows detailed observation of curing reaction processes. QATR™ 10 accessory equipped with Specac Arrow enables...
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