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Agilent Molecular Spectroscopy Compendium
2013|Agilent Technologies|Guides
Molecular Spectroscopy CompendiumENSURE FOOD QUALITY,PRODUCTION, AND SAFETY TABLE OF CONTENTSIn this compendium, you’ll find current and emergingapplications that will help you identify both target andnon-target molecules by applying the very latesttechniques for spectral data gathering.The table of contents below has been...
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FTIR talk letter (39)
C103-E138Vol.39Catalytic Nitrogen Fixation under Mild ReactionConditions Using Base Metal-Dinitrogen Complexes ------- 02Regulatory Compliance for Infrared Microscopes ------- 06Using Derivative Spectra ------- 10Q&A What measurement method should I useto check the degradation of lubricant oil?------- 15Integrated EDX-FTIR Analysis Software "EDXIR-Analysis"Advanced Performance...
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ApplicationNewsNo.A619Spectrophotometric AnalysisEvaluation of Amyloid-β Aggregation byFourier Transform Infrared Spectrophotometer (FTIR)Amyloid-β is a peptide that consists of approximately 40amino acid residues. Amyloid fibrils (fibrous aggregates),which occur as a result of the formation of parallel β sheetsby intermolecular association of amyloid-β, are...
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Identification of a pharmaceuticaltablet’s origin using FT Near-IR andPrincipal Component AnalysisApplication NoteAuthorIntroductionFrank S. Weston, M.S.After 10–15 years and $800 million1, a pharmaceutical company developed anew drug candidate that successfully passed all the Food & DrugAdministration (FDA) mandated clinical trials and...
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