Inline process monitoring of the moisture content in propylene oxide

Applications | 2021 | MetrohmInstrumentation
NIR Spectroscopy
Energy & Chemicals
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AN-PAN-1060Inline process monitoring of moisturecontent in tetrahydrofuranSummaryOften, many solvents that are used daily in various manufacturing processes are notdisposed of nor incinerated, but rather recovered and purified to save significant costs.Used solvents are mostly purified by distillation. Solvent recovery processes...
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Metrohm White PaperUtilizing online chemical analysis tooptimize propylene oxide productionAlyson Lanciki, Ph.D.Propylene oxide (PO) is a major industrialproduct with a yearly global productionof more than 7 million tons. PO is used inassorted industrial applications, thoughmainly for the production of polyols,...
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