Analysis of Aqueous Solution by EDX-LE - Performance in Air Atmosphere

Applications | 2013 | ShimadzuInstrumentation
Energy & Chemicals
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Application NoteAnalysis of Trace Elements in Waterusing Ultra Thin Film (1)When analyzing water solution using the EDX, the detectable and quantifiable concentration rangewas in the ppm or higher level for the conventional solution measuring method and the spottingfilter paper method,...
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LAAN-A-XR-E018AApplicationNewsX-ray AnalysisEDXRF Analysis of PM2.5 (Particle Matter)X244ANo.In Japan, there is a standard that limits the size ofsuspended particulate matter (SPM) to 10 μm or less,and in September, 2009, the PM2.5 air quality standard(particles 2.5 μm or smaller) was established as...
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LAAN-A-XR-E022ApplicationNewsX-ray AnalysisQuantitative Analysis of Antimony (Sb) in Plastics by EDXRFX248No.n SamplesSb standard plastic produced by Sumika ChemicalAnalysis Service (4 levels) PE-1E4(4) 0.8 ppmDetection Limit: 9.8 ppm(1)sample Sb Content [ppm](1)(2)(3)(4)method, in which the intensity ratio is expressed as NETIntensity (X-ray fluorescence)...
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LAAN-A-XR-E027ApplicationNewsX-ray AnalysisQuantitative Analysis of Waste Oil by EDX-7000X253No.In recent years, elemental analysis by EDX has beenincreasing due to the heightened concern for theenvironment. Even waste oil can quickly and easily beanalyzed by EDX by merely pouring it as is into...
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