Quantitative Analysis of Antimony (Sb) in Plastics by EDXRF

Applications | 2012 | ShimadzuInstrumentation
Materials Testing
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C10G-E095Analytical Solutions forAnalysis of Polymer Additives IntroductionPolymer additives are compounds added to plastic products to increase their durability and functionality.Although plastic products are used in a wide range of fields, including as packaging containers forpharmaceuticals and food, and as materials in...
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LAAN-A-XR-E025ApplicationNewsX-ray AnalysisQuantitative Analysis of Tin (Sn) in Plastics by EDXRFX251No.(4)5.04.0(3)測定強度比EDX analysis of controlled substances in electrical andelectronic equipment currently includes the 5 RoHSelements (Cd, Pb, Cr, Hg, Br) and 2 halogens (Cl, Br).However, due the current restrictions and limitationsplaced on...
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LAAN-A-XR-E030ApplicationNewsX-ray AnalysisScreening Analysis with EDX-7000 Navi SoftwareX256No.When conducting elemental screening analysis ofenvironmentally hazardous substances using aconventional, general-purpose X-ray fluorescenceinstrument, a great deal of time and effort are requiredfor both generating a calibration curve as well asmanaging the instrument itself. The...
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