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LAAN-A-CP-E016ApplicationNewsJ103Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission SpectrometrySimultaneous Analysis of Trace and Major Elementsin Rice by ICPE-9820No.n SampleBrown rice powder standard samples NIES No. 10-a, -b, and -cradial view than with the axial view for K at a high-concentration. On the other...
Key words
rice, riceelements, elementsbrown, brownview, viewradial, radialvalue, valueflowrate, flowrateintensity, intensitycertified, certifiedconcentration, concentrationsimultaneous, simultaneousaxial, axialplasma, plasmafarmland, farmlandanalysis
LAAN-A-CP-E017ApplicationNewsJ104Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission SpectrometryAnalysis of Multiple Elements in Drinking Water byICPE-9820No.n IntroductionThe amount of water typically consumed by an adult issaid to be about two liters per day, and nearly all of thisis tap water or mineral water,...
Key words
uag, uagstd, stdelements, elementsintensity, intensityvalue, valuedrinking, drinkingwater, waterconcentration, concentrationflowrate, flowrateplasma, plasmalimit, limitatomic, atomicemission, emissionmultiple, multipleview
LAAN-A-CP-E020ApplicationNewsJ107Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission SpectrometryAnalysis of Heavy Metals in Sewage Sludge andSewage by ICPE-9820No.n IntroductionDomestic wastewater or drainage from a particularbusiness plant can only be discharged in public watersor reused as industrial water after being cleaned up in asewage...
Key words
sewage, sewagesludge, sludgetreated, treatedash, ashobservation, observationwastewater, wastewaterquantitation, quantitationconcentration, concentrationflowrate, flowrateelements, elementseffluent, effluentvalue, valuefertilizer, fertilizerhigh, highwater
LAAN-A-CP-E037ApplicationNewsNo.J124Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission SpectrometrySimultaneous Analysis of Nutrients (Minerals) inFood with Nutrient Function Claims Using ICPE-9820„ Introduction„ Sample PreparationVarious Food with Nutrient Function Claims (FNFC) arecommercially available for people who take health foods topromote their health or as dietary...
Key words
nutrient, nutrientfnfcs, fnfcssample, sampleindicated, indicatedminerals, mineralsnutrients, nutrientsintake, intakecommercially, commerciallycontent, contentanalysis, analysisplasma, plasmafavorable, favorablestandard, standardradial, radialvalue