Simultaneous Analysis of Nutrients (Minerals) in Food with Nutrient Function Claims Using ICPE-9820

Applications | 2018 | ShimadzuInstrumentation
Food & Agriculture
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LAAN-A-CP-E016ApplicationNewsJ103Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission SpectrometrySimultaneous Analysis of Trace and Major Elementsin Rice by ICPE-9820No.n SampleBrown rice powder standard samples NIES No. 10-a, -b, and -cradial view than with the axial view for K at a high-concentration. On the other...
Key words
rice, riceelements, elementsbrown, brownview, viewvalue, valueradial, radialflowrate, flowrateintensity, intensitycertified, certifiedconcentration, concentrationsimultaneous, simultaneousplasma, plasmaaxial, axialfarmland, farmlandanalysis
LAAN-A-CP-E017ApplicationNewsJ104Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission SpectrometryAnalysis of Multiple Elements in Drinking Water byICPE-9820No.n IntroductionThe amount of water typically consumed by an adult issaid to be about two liters per day, and nearly all of thisis tap water or mineral water,...
Key words
uag, uagstd, stdelements, elementsintensity, intensityvalue, valuedrinking, drinkingwater, waterconcentration, concentrationflowrate, flowrateplasma, plasmalimit, limitatomic, atomicemission, emissionmultiple, multipleview
LAAN-A-CP-E029ApplicationNewsJ116Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission SpectrometryAnalysis of Nutritional and Harmful Elements inPowdered Milk by ICPE-9820 / HVG-1No.n IntroductionMinerals required for infant growth are well balanced inpowdered infant formula. According to Japan’s HealthPromotion Law, a specific formulation of essential minerals,including calcium...
Key words
std, stdnmij, nmijflowrate, flowratemilk, milkelements, elementspowdered, powderedsolution, solutioninfant, infantspike, spikepowder, powderplasma, plasmavalue, valueobservation, observationmeasurement, measurementanalysis
ApplicationNewsInductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission SpectrometryAnalysis of Liquid Fertilizer by ICPE™-9820No.J127„ Introduction„ AnalysisFertilizers contain many elements which are useful in cropgrowth in addition to nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus,which are the principal ingredients. As an analysis method forfertilizers, Japan’s Ministry of...
Key words
fertilizer, fertilizeraxial, axialradial, radialfertilizers, fertilizersview, viewliquid, liquidobservation, observationelement, elementanalysis, analysisprescribed, prescribedelements, elementssimultaneous, simultaneousinspection, inspectionplasma, plasmatorch