High Spatial resolution FTIR imaging of biomedical tissue samples using a novel method of magnification enhancement

Applications | 2014 | Agilent TechnologiesInstrumentation
FTIR Spectroscopy, Microscopy
Clinical Research
Agilent Technologies
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FTIR Microscopic Imaging of LargeSamples with 4x and 15x InfraredObjectives: A Case Study of aCarcinoma Tissue SectionApplication noteBiomedical ResearchAuthorClaudia Beleites*, Jürgen Popp*,Christoph Krafft*, Mustafa Kansiz†* Institute of Photonic Technology,Albert-Einstein-Str. 9, 07745 Jena,Germany† Agilent Technologies, AustraliaPty. Ltd.IntroductionFourier transform infrared (FTIR) microscopic...
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