Damage-free failure/defect analysis in electronics and semiconductor industries using micro-ATR FTIR imaging

Applications | 2014 | Agilent TechnologiesInstrumentation
FTIR Spectroscopy
Materials Testing, Semiconductor Analysis
Agilent Technologies
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AGILENT SOLUTIONS FORART AND HISTORICAL OBJECTCONSERVATIONFTIR and UV-Vis Technology for Art ConservationAgilent Technologies offers a suite of FTIR and UV-Vis products that areideal for scientists involved in research, conservation, restoration andauthentication of important art and historical objects. The 4100 ExoScan,4300...
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A new approach to samplepreparation free micro ATR FTIRchemical imaging of polymerlaminatesApplication NoteMaterials Testing & ResearchAuthorAbstractDr. Mustafa KansizMicro ATR chemical imaging of polymers and in particular polymerlaminates typically requires significant application of pressure to ensuregood contact between the ATR crystal...
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