Fuel Analysis with the Agilent 4500 Series FTIR: Monitoring Refinery Formulation to Ensure the Production of FAME-Free Marine Diesel Fuel

Applications | 2013 | Agilent TechnologiesInstrumentation
FTIR Spectroscopy
Energy & Chemicals
Agilent Technologies
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ASTM D7806-12 for Biodiesel inPetroleum-based Diesel Fuel OilAgilent 4500, 5500, and Cary 630 FTIRApplication NoteEnergy and ChemicalsAuthorsIntroductionDipak Mainali and Alan ReinBiodiesel is usually an effective blending component for petroleum-based dieselfuel. However, biodiesel-mixed diesel fuel can be a problem in engines...
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DialPath Sampling Accessory
2021|Agilent Technologies|Technical notes
Technical OverviewDialPath Sampling AccessoryA convenient way to perform transmission FTIRmeasurementsIntroductionThe DialPath accessory for Agilent FTIR systems has been designed to overcomethe challenges of transmission measurements of liquids, normally done using flowand demountable cells.The Agilent DialPath accessory makes transmission measurements of...
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Test method for low level detection ofbiodiesel in diesel using the Agilent5500t FTIR spectrometerApplication NoteAuthorJohn Seelenbinder and FrankHigginsAgilent Technologies,Connecticut, USAIntroductionAgilent Technologies 4500t and 5500t FTIR spectrometers are gaining rapidacceptance for measuring biodiesel (%FAME) in diesel fuel for applicationswhere low level...
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