APWC: Interference-free Measurement of Trace Mercury in Tungsten-rich Cosmetic Sample using ICP-QQQ

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5th EditionHandbook of ICP-QQQApplications using theAgilent 8800 and 8900Primer > Return to table of contents> Search entire documentForewordAgilent Technologies launched its 8800 Triple QuadrupoleICP-MS (ICP-QQQ) at the 2012 Winter Conference on PlasmaSpectrochemistry in Tucson, Arizona, USA.By the time the first ICP-QQQ...
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Application NoteConsumer productsAccurate Analysis of TraceMercury in Cosmetics using theAgilent 8900 ICP-QQQEffective removal of tungsten-based interferenceson five Hg isotopes using MS/MSAuthorsXin-mei Wang and Ke Wang1Xiang-cheng Zeng, DonnaHsu, and Juan-e Song21Shanghai Institute for Foodand Drug Control, ChinaAgilent TechnologiesCo. Ltd, China2IntroductionMany mercury...
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