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Agilent Atomic Absorption Spectrometers
2022|Agilent Technologies|Brochures and specifications
Atomic Absorption SpectrometersProductive, Precise, Reliable.Agilent 200 series AA systems Productive, Precise, Reliable.Agilent’s AA range is productive, user-friendly, and exceptionallyreliable. The instruments deliver the high performance thatanalysts require, while being equally at home in routinelaboratories where reliability and simple operation are vital.The...
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High Sensitivity Determination of Lead in Soy sauce
2020|Agilent Technologies|Applications
Application NoteFoodHigh Sensitivity Determinationof Lead in Soy sauceMeasured using the Agilent 280Z graphite furnaceatomic absorption spectrometer and Omegaplatform tubeAuthorIntroductionLiu Yi, Wu ChunhuaNi YingpingFeng WenkunSoy sauce is a liquid condiment and according to the fermentation process can bedivided into light (thin),...
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Methods for Environmental Samples
2010|Agilent Technologies|Applications
Methods for Environmental SamplesApplication NoteAtomic AbsorptionAuthorIntroductionL. M. BeachThe United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires the determination of important trace elements in a variety of environmental samples. Graphite furnace atomic absorption methods are recommended for some elements including As,Se, Cd,...
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Flame and Graphite FurnaceAtomic Absorption SpectroscopyApplication Compendium Table of ContentsSolutions for Common AAS Problems3Determination of Cu, Fe, K, Mg, Mn, Na and Zn in Food Using AAS in Fast Sequential mode6Rapid Determination of Seven Elements in Milk Powder by Microwave Digestion...
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