Molecular Spectroscopy Application eHandbook

Guides | 2017 | Agilent TechnologiesInstrumentation
NIR Spectroscopy, UV–VIS spectrophotometry, FTIR Spectroscopy
Energy & Chemicals , Materials Testing
Agilent Technologies
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Novel applications of hand-held and benchtop FTIR instruments
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Applications of FTIRNovel applications of hand-held and benchtopFTIR instruments FTIR SpectroscopyOffers a Wide Range ofAnalytical OpportunitiesFourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy is a well-established and powerfulinstrumental technique providing detailed spectra of a wide variety of samples.Even though FTIR is a mature technology,...
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Mix Ratio Identification inIndustrially Significant Two-PartCoating Systems Using the Agilent4300 Handheld FTIRApplication NoteQuality Control in CoatingsAuthorsIntroductionDipak Mainali and Alan ReinProtective coatings are commonly applied to automobiles, aircrafts, ships, railways,furniture, bridges, concretes, architectural constituents, industrial installations, andmany other products that we...
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Handheld FTIR Spectroscopic Applications of Modern Coatings
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White PaperHandheld FTIR SpectroscopicApplications of Modern CoatingsA review of current coating applications with an in-depth study of a three-layersystem using principal components analysis (PCA) and a discussion of wet paintto dry coating changes.By Pik L Tang, Agilent TechnologiesIntroductionIndustrial coatings are...
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Application NoteMaterialsNon-Destructive Analysis ofSubstrates and Contaminants by FTIRwith Specular Reflectance InterfaceCleanliness-testing of materials using Agilent 4300handheld FTIR spectrometer to preventdownstream issuesAuthorLeung TangAgilent Technologies, Inc.AbstractVerifying that substrates are clean before they are bonded to another material orcoated with a protective layer...
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