Increase productivity for environmental sample analysis using the SVS 2+ Switching Valve System for Agilent 5100 SVDV ICP-OES

Technical notes | 2015 | Agilent TechnologiesInstrumentation
Agilent Technologies
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ICP-OES Productivity PackageSVS 2Technical OverviewMake the Switch to Higher ProductivityIncrease sample throughput and decrease turnaround time and operating costs with theAgilent SVS 2 ICP-OES Productivity Package. The SVS 2 provides:• Fast, accurate results — the SVS 2 immediately rinses the...
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Ultra-fast ICP-OES determination oftrace elements in water, as perUS EPA 200.7Application noteEnvironmentalAuthorsJohn Cauduro, Andrew RyanAgilent TechnologiesMelbourne, AustraliaIntroductionWater quality has a direct impact on the health of all ecosystems,therefore environmental monitoring of water, wastewater and solid wastesfor pollutants is an important...
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High Throughput, Low Cost ICP-OESAnalysis of Sludge Samples Accordingto US EPA Method 6010CApplication noteEnvironmentalAuthorNeli DrvodelicAgilent TechnologiesMelbourne, AustraliaIntroductionMany laboratories concerned with the analysis of elements in environmentalsamples, such as ground waters, industrial wastes, soils, sludge andsediment by ICP-OES, work to United...
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Ultra-fast determination of base metalsin geochemical samples using the 5100SVDV ICP-OESApplication noteGeochemistry, metals, miningAuthorsJohn CauduroAgilent Technologies,Mulgrave, AustraliaIntroductionTraditionally, geological samples are analyzed using flame atomic absorption(FAAS) and/or radial ICP-OES with a vertical torch.Achieving high sample throughput at a low cost per...
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