Determination of Major and Minor Elements in HF-Digested Soil Samples using an Agilent 5110 ICP-OES

Applications | 2019 | Agilent TechnologiesInstrumentation
Agilent Technologies
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Analysis of Solid Waste Samples per Chinese Method HJ 781
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Application NoteEnvironmentalAnalysis of Solid Waste Samplesper Chinese Method HJ 781Agilent 5800 VDV ICP-OES provides smart toolsto streamline method development and improveconfidence in resultsAuthorPeter RilesAgilent Technologies, Inc.IntroductionEnvironmental agencies around the world regulate the elemental and metalcontent of solid wastes and soils...
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Direct determination of Cu, Fe, Mn, P, Pband Ti in HF acid-digested soils usingthe Agilent 4200 Microwave PlasmaAtomic Emission SpectrometerApplication noteAgricultureAuthorsDave McDonald andAlejandro Amorin,Agilent TechnologiesMelbourne, AustraliaIntroductionAccurate elemental analysis of soils is extremely important for numerousreasons. Lead and cadmium are known...
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Application NoteFood and AgricultureRoutine Measurement of MultipleElements in Food using an ICP-OESFitted with a Switching ValveCost-effective approach meets requirements ofChinese standard method for 16 elementsAuthorPeter RilesAgilent Technologies,Melbourne, AustraliaIntroductionElemental contamination of food can come from many sources, including irrigation,elements in the...
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Application NoteSoil quality andfertilizer analysisRapid Multi-Elemental Analysis ofFertilizers using the Agilent 5110VDV ICP-OESAccurate determination of 21 elements in under oneminuteAuthorDaniel OppedisanoAgilent Technologies,Melbourne, AustraliaIntroductionSuccessful, high-yield crop production often depends on the application of fertilizersto ensure that the correct quantity of nutrients...
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