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Vision Air Local
2022|Metrohm|Brochures and specifications
Vision Air LocalTutorial8.105.8032EN / 2022-01-26 Metrohm AGIonenstrasseCH-9100 HerisauSwitzerland+41 71 353 85 [email protected] Air Local2.0Tutorial8.105.8032EN /2022-01-26 Technical CommunicationMetrohm AGCH-9100 HerisauThis documentation is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.This documentation has been prepared with great care. However, errorscan never be entirely ruled out. Please...
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Quality Control of Polyols
AN-NIR-035Quality Control of PolyolsChemical-free determination of Hydroxyl Number according to ASTM D6342-12SummaryToxic and corrosive chemicals such as p-toluenesulfonyl isocyanate (TSI) andtetrabutylammonium hydroxide are used for the Hydroxyl Number analysis of polyols bytitration according to ASTM D4274-16.This application note demonstrates how...
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Quality Control of Lubricants
AN-NIR-071Quality Control of LubricantsUnassisted, rapid determination of the Acid Number by automated NIR spectroscopyaccording to ASTM E1655SummaryAcid Number (AN) analysis of lubricants (ASTM D664) can be a lengthy and costly process dueto usage of large amounts of chemicals and required...
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Quality Control of Diesel
AN-NIR-080Quality Control of DieselFast and straightforward determination of cetane index, flash point, CFPP, D95, andviscosity with NIRSSummaryThe cetane index (ASTM D613), flash point (ASTM D56), cold filter plug point (CFPP) (ASTMD6371), D95 (ISO 3405), and viscosity at 40 °C (ISO...
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