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AN-RS-005Differentiation of inorganic salts usingRaman spectroscopySummaryThis Application Note shows the ability of handheld Raman systems like the Mira M-1 toidentify and differentiate between salts such as carbonates, phosphates, and sulfates. Themain focus of this work was to evaluate the influence...
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AN-RS-007Identification of various polymermasterbatchesSummaryMasterbatches offer an inexpensive opportunity for dyeing plastics during the manufacturingprocess or to influence various properties of the basic plastic. Measurements of masterbatcheswith the handheld Raman spectrometer Mira M-1 require no sample preparation and provideimmediate results that...
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AN-RS-008Identification of monomers with RamanspectroscopySummaryPolymers are comprised of macromolecules that are in turn comprised of numerous identical orsimilar structural units that are referred to as monomers. This Application Note shows theconvenient identification of conventional monomers within seconds using the portable...
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Orbital Raster Scan (ORS™)
2022|Metrohm|Technical notes
AN-RS-034Orbital Raster Scan (ORS™)Safer, more representative sampling with 785 nm RamanSummaryThe ability of an optical system to efficiently collect light is known as its throughput or etendue.In an ideal world of homogeneous samples, a Raman spectroscopic system would need only...
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