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AN-RS-003Identification of conventional organicsolvents with handheld RamanspectrometersSummaryThis Application Note describes the fast and nondestructive handheld Raman spectroscopicidentification and confirmation of commonly used organic solvents, which play an importantrole in many market segments. Measurements with the Mira M-1 handheld Ramanspectrometer do...
Key words
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AN-RS-008Identification of monomers with RamanspectroscopySummaryPolymers are comprised of macromolecules that are in turn comprised of numerous identical orsimilar structural units that are referred to as monomers. This Application Note shows theconvenient identification of conventional monomers within seconds using the portable...
Key words
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AN-RS-032Raman and SERS identification of acombination prescribed opioidTwo chemical analyses from one tabletSummaryHandheld Raman spectrometers are valued for their ability to provide onsite materialidentification in seconds. A simple point-and-shoot analysis of bulk materials with the handheldMIRA DS results in chemical...
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AN-RS-001Identifying polymers with RamanspectroscopySummaryThis Application Note describes the Raman spectroscopy identification of polymers such asABS, PE, PS, PET and PMMA in various dyes. Rapid and non-destructive determination takesplace after a suitable spectrum database has been created. Measurements with the Ramanspectrometer...
Key words
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