Online process monitoring of octane number during catalytic reforming

Applications | 2021 | MetrohmInstrumentation
NIR Spectroscopy
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Quality Control of Gasoline
AN-NIR-022Quality Control of GasolineRapid determination of RON, MON, AKI, aromatic content, and densitySummaryIn recent years, there has been a significant push to reduce the environmental impacts of fuelsthrough improvements to fuel quality. This requires engines to be more efficient, along...
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AN-PAN-1053Monitoring of DOTP production viaesterification with inline analysisSummaryPolymers and plastics are a mainstay of modern life. Because of their versatility and physicalproperties, plastics and polymers have conquered nearly every aspect of human activity:airplanes and cars, packaging of all kinds, medical...
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Application Note AN-NIR-113Research octane number (RON)determination in isomerateNIRS offers users fast, efficient analysis with low running costsLight naphtha isomerization is used by refineries toprocess, a reliable and quick analytical method is key.produce high-octane isomerate products which meetThe standard method to...
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