Moisture analysis of ethanol- hydrocarbon blends by Vis-NIR spectroscopy

Applications | 2017 | MetrohmInstrumentation
NIR Spectroscopy
Energy & Chemicals
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NIR Application Note NIR-36Moisture content and pH valuein crude tall oil (CTO)This Application Note shows that near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) cansimultaneously determine water content and pH value in crude tall oil samples(CTO). This technology is a faster alternative to conventional lab...
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AN-NIR-044Quality Control of Palm OilEnvironmentally friendly determination of FFA content, iodine value, moisture, DOBI,and carotene contentSummaryDetermination of key quality parameters of palm oil, namely free fatty acids (FFA), iodine value(IV), moisture content, deterioration of bleachability index (DOBI), and carotene require...
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