Real-time inline predictions of jet fuel properties by NIRS

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Quality control of fuels (gasoline, diesel, kerosene)
2020|Metrohm|Brochures and specifications
Quality control of fuels(gasoline, diesel, kerosene)Fast results with NIR pre-calibrationsHIGHLIGHTS− Chemical and physical parameters− Based on real product spectra− Can be used by non-specialists Pre-calibrations expedite and simplifyquality control of fuelsMetrohm offers a turnkey solution for the determination of multiple key...
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NIR Application Note NIR-33Cobalt content, solids content,specific gravity, and viscosity incobalt octoate11.9%11.2%9.9%9.3%7.9%7.4%6.0%4.9%3.9%This Application Note shows that a Vis-NIR analyzer can simultaneouslydetermine the four most important analytical parameters of paint driers: cobaltand solids content, specific gravity, and viscosity. The visible range...
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Quality Control of Diesel
AN-NIR-080Quality Control of DieselFast and straightforward determination of cetane index, flash point, CFPP, D95, andviscosity with NIRSSummaryThe cetane index (ASTM D613), flash point (ASTM D56), cold filter plug point (CFPP) (ASTMD6371), D95 (ISO 3405), and viscosity at 40 °C (ISO...
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AN-PAN-1052Online process monitoring of octanenumber during catalytic reformingAccurate analysis according to ASTM D2699 and ASTM D2700SummaryIn refineries, high octane products are desired since they are used to produce premiumgasoline. This production is a highly hazardous operation which requires strict adherence...
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