Karl Fischer titration and near-infrared spectroscopy in perfect synergy

Technical notes | 2017 | MetrohmInstrumentation
NIR Spectroscopy
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AN-PAN-1060Inline process monitoring of moisturecontent in tetrahydrofuranSummaryOften, many solvents that are used daily in various manufacturing processes are notdisposed of nor incinerated, but rather recovered and purified to save significant costs.Used solvents are mostly purified by distillation. Solvent recovery processes...
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NIR Application Note NIR–053Moisture analysis of ethanolhydrocarbon blends by Vis-NIRspectroscopyThis Application Note shows that visible near-infrared spectroscopy (Vis-NIRS) candetermine water content in ethanol-hydrocarbon blends. Vis-NIRS is a fastalternative to conventional lab methods: it accelerates raw material inspection,process monitoring, and final...
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NIR Application Note NIR–055Determination of water contentin moisturizing skin creams usingnear-infrared spectroscopywater contentNear-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) was used as an analysis method for qualitycontrol of skin creams. A model for the quantification of the water content wasdeveloped based on Karl Fischer...
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Quality Control of Diesel
AN-NIR-096Quality Control of DieselMoisture determination within one minute using NIRSSummaryFuels can incorporate traces of water during the production process, in transport, and while instorage. Excessive water in fuels poses several problems. For example, elevated water contentin diesel fuel promotes biological...
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