Illicit Drug Trafficking and Border Control with Mira DS: Safe Fentanyl Identification

Technical notes | 2021 | MetrohmInstrumentation
RAMAN Spectroscopy
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MIRA XTR DS handheld Raman spectrometer
2021|Metrohm|Brochures and specifications
MIRA XTR DShandheldRamanspectrometerThe evolutionof fluorescence-freematerial identification1 The most compactfluorescence-freehandheld Ramanspectrometeron the marketMIRA XTR DS is THE solutionfor first responders andmilitary personal who dealwith illicit drugs, hazardousmaterial, and improvisedexplosive devices (IEDs).Explosives, chemical warfare agents (CWAs),and narcotics created in clandestine labs areoften dirty...
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AN-RS-032Raman and SERS identification of acombination prescribed opioidTwo chemical analyses from one tabletSummaryHandheld Raman spectrometers are valued for their ability to provide onsite materialidentification in seconds. A simple point-and-shoot analysis of bulk materials with the handheldMIRA DS results in chemical...
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AN-RS-033Raman and SERS identification of YABA, apopular street drugTwo chemical analyses from one tabletSummaryYaba, which means «crazy medicine» in Thai, is a small, colorful tablet containing a potentmixture of caffeine and methamphetamine. It is produced in Southeast Asia, where it...
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WHITE PAPERFluorescence-free 785 nm materialidentification with MIRA XTR DSIn Raman spectroscopy, accurate and sensitive identification of chemicals and materials can be compromised by fluorescence from laser excitation ofthe target substance itself and/or interferents inthe sample matrix. Fluorescence emission in Ramanspectra...
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