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AN-RS-009Identification and checking of fatty acids infunctional foods and cosmeticsSummaryThis Application Note describes the utilization of the Metrohm Instant Raman Analyzer Mira M3 for identification and verification of fatty acids, similar to those found in cosmetics ornutraceuticals. Nutraceuticals are food-derived...
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AN-RS-010P-test verification of Equate cold tabletsand comparison with Alka-SeltzerSummaryProducers of generic brands offer cosmetics, medicines and other goods in competition withname brands, often at a lower price point. This lower cost may reflect a lack of research,development, and advertising costs,...
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Metrohm White PaperFacile Verificationof Edible Oils withRaman SpectroscopyMelissa J. GelwicksEdible oils comprise a significant portion of anydiet, and they also have important roles in theproduction of foods, cosmetics, and skincareproducts. For these reasons, a convenient andaccurate method for materials identification...
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Mira Cal P software - Tutorial
Mira Cal PTutorial8.0105.8004EN / 2021-04-20 Metrohm AGIonenstrasseCH-9100 HerisauSwitzerlandPhone +41 71 353 85 85Fax +41 71 353 89 [email protected] Cal PTutorial8.0105.8004EN /2021-04-20 Technical CommunicationMetrohm AGCH-9100 [email protected] documentation has been prepared with great care. However, errorscan never be entirely ruled out. Please send comments...
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