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LAAN-A-XR-E027ApplicationNewsX-ray AnalysisQuantitative Analysis of Waste Oil by EDX-7000X253No.In recent years, elemental analysis by EDX has beenincreasing due to the heightened concern for theenvironment. Even waste oil can quickly and easily beanalyzed by EDX by merely pouring it as is into...
Key words
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LAAN-A-XR-E034ApplicationNewsX260X-ray AnalysisScreening Analysis of Trace Heavy Elements inPowdered Milk by EDXRFNo.ArsenicTotal MercuryLeadCadmiumTinLess than 0.5*2 Less than 0.1*3 Less than 0.3 Less than 0.2 Less than 10n Standard SamplesAtomic absorption standard solution was added topowdered milk so as to prepare mixtures...
Key words
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LAAN-A-XR-E037ApplicationNewsQuantitative Analysis of Lead in Bismuth BronzeX264- Matrix Elements/Profile Correction and Comparison with AA -Some copper alloys are added with lead (Pb), but with theregulation of environmentally hazardous substances such asRoHS, it has been replaced by bismuth (Bi) in recent...
Key words
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LAAN-A-XR-E009AA pplication NewsX - r ay An a l ysi sN o .X238ADetermination of Arsenic and Leadin Earth and Sand Using EDXRF [JIS K 0470]The daily collection and examination of earth and sandfrom factory sites is necessary to quickly detect...
Key words
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