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Data on Tap Water Quality Standards
LAAN-C-XX-E009EnvironmentApplication Note No.9 (Environment)Data on Tap Water Quality StandardsS.HASHIMOTO, K.TANAKA, T.HOSHI, M.TANAKA, K.ABO, M.KOBAYASHI, K.NAKAGAWA1. Tap Water Quality StandardWater quality standards for tap water are established toprotect water quality so that people can lead healthy andproductive lives. In 2003, the...
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Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer ICPMS-2030ApplicationNewsDetermination of Mineral and Trace ElementalContents in Drinking Water by Inductively CoupledPlasma Mass SpectrometryRaymond Li , Joyce Lim, Zhaoqi ZhanUser Benefits A sensitive and reliable method to determine elemental contents in drinking water, using ICPMS-2030...
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Shimadzu ICPMS-2030 Series
2021|Shimadzu|Brochures and specifications
C113-E018FInductively Coupled Plasma Mass SpectrometerICPMS-2030 Series AcceleratingReliable PerformanceThe first system in the industry to include functions for assisting with analyticalmethod development and diagnostics.Newly developed collision cell and On-Line IEC work together to eliminate spectralinterference, and achieve high-sensitive and low-interference analyses.Unique system...
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Analysis of River Water by ICPMS-2030
LAAN-A-CP-E031ApplicationNewsInductively Coupled Plasma Mass SpectrometryAnalysis of River Water by ICPMS-2030J118No.Q IntroductionThe normal daily water consumption of adults isthought to be around 2 liters, almost all of whichconsist of drinking water such as tap water or mineralwater. Sources of this drinking...
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