Atomic Spectroscopy Applications in the Environmental Laboratory

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Agilent Technologies, Elemental Scientific
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ACCURATE, RELIABLE, COST-EFFECTIVEMETAL ANALYSIS IN FOOD AND AGRICULTUREAA. MP-AES. ICP-OES. ICP-MS. ICP-QQQThe elements found in food and water can range from nutritionally beneficial to highlytoxic, depending on the element concerned, its concentration, and its chemical form.Accurately quantifying these elements is...
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ACCURATE, RELIABLE, COST-EFFECTIVEELEMENTAL ANALYSIS FOR ENERGY ANDCHEMICAL SAMPLESAA. MP-AES. ICP-OES. ICP-MS. ICP-QQQMaximize product quality and profitabilityTrace elements may be present in energy and chemical samples as contaminantsor performance additives. Accurately determining the concentration of these traceelements is critical to understanding...
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ACCURATE, RELIABLE, COST-EFFECTIVEMETAL ANALYSIS FOR ENVIRONMENTAL SAMPLESAA. MP-AES. ICP-OES. ICP-MS. ICP-QQQTo meet increasingly tough regulatory and budgetary challenges, environmentallaboratories must deliver accurate results faster, more reliably, and more cost-effectivelythan ever before.Whatever your environmental application, Agilent’s range of atomic spectroscopyinstruments can...
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