Determining Elemental Impurities in Pharmaceutical Ingredients using ICP-MS

Applications | 2021 | Agilent TechnologiesInstrumentation
Pharma & Biopharma
Agilent Technologies
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Application note | 000734PharmaceuticalAnalysis of elemental impurities in pharmaceutical productsin accordance with USP General Chapters <232> and <233>AuthorsGoalBhagyesh Surekar, Daniel KutscherTo develop an analytical method using single quadrupole ICP-MS for the determinationThermo Fisher Scientific,Bremen, Germanyof 24 analytes in pharmaceutical products...
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Application NotePharmaceuticalsValidating performance of an AgilentICP‑MS for USP <232>/<233> & ICHQ3D(R2)/Q2(R1)Reducing the time and expense of ICP-MS methoddevelopment and system validation for measuringelemental impurities in pharmaceuticalsAuthorsLindsey Whitecotton, EdMcCurdy, Craig Jones and AmirLibaAgilent Technologies Inc. USASamina Hussain, Exova USAIntroductionWorldwide, regulatory authorities...
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Application NotePharma & BiopharmaAnalysis of Artificial Tear Eye DropsFor Elemental ImpuritiesUsing an ICP-MS and USP <232>/<233> and ICHQ3D(R2)/Q2(R1) protocols.AuthorsJennifer Sanderson andLindsey WhitecottonAgilent Technologies, Inc.IntroductionAs pharmaceutical products are released to the market, worldwide regulatoryagencies have the responsibility to ensure their safety...
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ApplicationNewsNo. AD-0189Elemental Analysis: ICPMS-2030Validation of quantitative method for determination ofelemental impurities in pharmaceutical productsfollowing USP 232/233 on ICPMS-2030Raymond Li , Zhaoqi ZhanOverviewThe 24 elemental impurities defined in USP<232> inthree generic drug products were quantitativelydetermined on ICPMS-2030. A simple ICP-MSmethod that...
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