Analysis of HC with Complementary Spectroscopic Methods

Presentations | 2022 | ShimadzuInstrumentation
NIR Spectroscopy, UV–VIS spectrophotometry, ICP/MS, MP/ICP-AES
Energy & Chemicals
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Shimadzu Solutions for Lubricant Monitoring
2020|Shimadzu|Brochures and specifications
C10G-E085Solutions forLubricant Monitoring Lubricants are the lifeblood of mechanical engines and provide critical frictionreducing, cooling, and cleaning properties that are essential to their properfunctioning and operation. Over time and throughout their use, lubricantsdegrade, and that functionality and those properties become inhibited....
Key words
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ApplicationNewsNo.A603Spectrophotometric AnalysisDegradation Analysis of Lubricants Based onASTM E2412 by Fourier Transform InfraredSpectrophotometer FTIRLubricants consist of a base oil and additives and are used forpurposes such as internal lubrication of machinery, cooling,and rust prevention. For example, engine oil, which is alubricant...
Key words
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LAAN-A-CP-E027$ApplicationNewsJ114$No.Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission SpectrometryAnalysis of Additive Elements, Wear Metals, andContaminants in Used Lubricating Oil According toASTM D5185: ICPE-9820Q IntroductionAnalysis of lubricants added to engine oils such as thoseused in automobiles and ships is an effective as well asimportant...
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