RAFA: Single particle analysis of nanomaterials with agilent ICP-MS

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Single particle analysis using the Agilent 7700x ICP-MS
2013|Agilent Technologies|Applications
Single particle analysis using theAgilent 7700x ICP-MSApplication noteMaterialsAuthorsSébastien Sannac1, Soheyl Tadjiki2,Evelin Moldenhauer31Agilent Technologies, FrancePostnova Analytics Inc., UT, USA3Postnova Analytics GmbH,Landsberg, Germany2IntroductionNanoparticles (NPs) are defined as ultrafine particles with one dimensionbetween 1–100 nm [1]. Because of their small size, they have...
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Single particle analysis of nanomaterialsusing the Agilent 7900 ICP-MSApplication noteAuthorsMaterials, EnvironmentalSébastien SannacAgilent Technologies, FranceIntroductionNanoparticles (NPs) are common components in a wide range of materialsin industries from high technology electronics, optics, and medical devices,to food additives, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and environmental sciences.Nanomaterials...
Key words
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Single particle analysis of nanomaterials with agilent ICP-MSSébastien Sannac, Agilent Technologies, FranceIntroductionNanoparticles (NPs) are defined as ultrafineparticles with one dimension between 1–100 nm[1]. Because of their small size, they have a verylarge surface area relative to their weight, so theyoften...
Key words
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Agilent ICP-MS JournalAugust 2013 – Issue 54Inside this Issue2-3New Revision of ICP-MS MassHunter, AgilentCompliance Software Options, and USP<232>4-5User article: Speciation of Aluminum FluorideComplexes and Al3+ in Environmental Samplesusing HPLC-ICP-MS5Tips and Tricks: Easy Steps to Clean Your Torch6Nanoparticles: Three Recorded ICP-MS...
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