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NIR Application Note NIR-39Vis-NIR spectroscopic analysis ofwood pulps for multiparameterpredictionThis Application Note shows that visible near-infrared spectroscopy (Vis-NIRS)can simultaneously determine six pulp parameters (kappa number (titration),applied density (densimeter), pulp freeness (CSF), breaking strength (SCT),buckling strength (RCT), and tensile strength (tensometer))...
Key words
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NIR Application Note NIR–47Quality control of an activeingredient in hair creams usingnear-infrared spectroscopyVisible Near-infrared (Vis-NIR) spectroscopy is a valuable chemical analysis toolthat can be used to determine quality parameters of hair creams. A qualitativemethod was developed in order to allow...
Key words
spectroscopy, spectroscopynir, nircreams, creamsvis, visactive, activeperformed, performedhair, hairslurrycup, slurrycupingredient, ingredientinfrared, infraredprocedure, procedurenear, neartransflection, transflectionpure, puremultiplicative
NIR Application Note NIR–48Quality control of an activeingredient in hair spray usingnear-infrared spectroscopyNear-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) was used as an analysis method for qualitycontrol of hair spray samples. A model for an active ingredient within hair sprayswas developed, enabling fast and...
Key words
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NIR Application Note NIR–058Quantification of color intensityof diluted textile dye by visiblenear-infrared spectroscopyThis Application Note shows that the visible range of the Metrohm Vis-NIRanalyzer can be used to quantify the color intensity of dyes, providing comparableresults to the reference analysis...
Key words
dye, dyecolor, colorintensity, intensitytypes, typesxds, xdsdistinguish, distinguishbetween, betweenconcentr, concentrvis, visnirs, nirssupplier, supplierrapidliquid, rapidliquidvisible, visibledifferent, differentation