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Polymer & Polyol Analysis
INTERVIEWPolymer & Polyol AnalysisFast and reliable with NIR SpectroscopyThe Metrohm near-infrared XDS RapidLiquid Analyzer is proven to be a valuable instrument for easyand reliable quality control of both the startingmaterials and intermediate products of polyols andpolymers. Hydroxyl value, NCO, moisture,...
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Metrohm White PaperLean manufacturing of polyurethane,assisted by near-infrared (NIR) andRaman spectroscopyAlexander KadenkinChemical manufacturing such as polyurethane production is characterized by a cost intensive production process combined with a negative ecologicalimpact. These adverse effects can be significantlyimproved by using vibrational spectroscopy....
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Application Bulletin 414Analysis of polymers using near-infrared spectroscopyBranchPlastics and polymersKeywordsNear-infraredspectroscopy,polymer,monomer,polymerization,polypropylene,polyethylene,PET,polyuethane, polystyrene, resin, polyols, polyesters,polyolefin, hydroxyl number, hydroxyl value, acid value,density, melt flow index, melt flow rate, viscosity, additive,carboxyl end group, carboxyl number.SummaryThis Application Bulletin presents some examples of NIRapplications and...
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Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Application Note NIR–7Near-infrared analysis ofpolyols: process monitoring in ahostile environmentDuring polymerization, real-time determination of hydroxyl and acidnumbers of polyols provide important information about the molecularweight and the reaction end point. This Application Note sheds light onthe practical aspects...
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