The Advantages of a Compact, Thermoelectrically-Cooled Fiber Optic Spectrometer for Raman and Fluorescence Spectroscopy

Technical notes | 2019 | MetrohmInstrumentation
RAMAN Spectroscopy
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The Benefits of Raman Spectroscopy for theIdentification and Characterization of PolymersIntroductionThe benefits of Raman spectroscopy are well recognized for the molecular identification of unknownsamples and, as a result, the technique is being used routinely in applications areas such aspharmaceutical manufacturing,...
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For more information, please contact: [email protected] or +1 (855) 297-2626B&W Tek Raman Solution Suite for Forensics ApplicationsIntroductionLaw enforcement personnel,laboratory technicians, crime sceneinvestigators and many others face asignificant challenge for identificationof materials in a forensic investigation.During an investigation, techniciansmust routinely examine...
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Identification of Additives used in the Pharmaceutical and FoodIndustries with the NanoRam Handheld Raman SpectrometerToday’s Raman instrumentation is faster, more rugged, and less expensive than previousinstrumentation. Now, with the advances in component miniaturization, the design of highperformance, portable and handheld...
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For more information, please contact: [email protected] or +1 (855) 297-2626Choosing the Most Suitable Laser WavelengthFor Your Raman ApplicationOver the years, dispersive Raman spectroscopy has increasingly been implemented for sampleanalysis including material identification, biomedical research, and art and archeology due to...
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