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WHITE PAPERFluorescence-free 785 nm materialidentification with MIRA XTR DSIn Raman spectroscopy, accurate and sensitive identification of chemicals and materials can be compromised by fluorescence from laser excitation ofthe target substance itself and/or interferents inthe sample matrix. Fluorescence emission in Ramanspectra...
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WHITE PAPEROn-site detection of hexavalentchromium in protective paint primersEasily identify target compounds in the presenceof fluorescent interferents with handheld Raman.Zinc chromate pigment was once widely used in theaeronautics industry due to its anti-rust and anticorrosive properties. As an additive in...
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Detection of LSD on Blotter Paper
AN-RS-038Detection of LSD on Blotter PaperRaman, SERS, and Drug EnforcementSummaryLysergic acid diethylamine (LSD), or «acid» as it is popularly known, is a Schedule 1 controlledsubstance responsible for potent euphoria-inducing and sensory-altering properties. Longlasting psychopathological consequences, such as auditory/visual hallucinations andpsychoses,...
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Orbital Raster Scan (ORS™)
2022|Metrohm|Technical notes
AN-RS-034Orbital Raster Scan (ORS™)Safer, more representative sampling with 785 nm RamanSummaryThe ability of an optical system to efficiently collect light is known as its throughput or etendue.In an ideal world of homogeneous samples, a Raman spectroscopic system would need only...
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