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Daniel Kutscher, Shona McSheehy, Julian Wills, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Germany, Detlef Jensen,Thermo Fisher Scientific, SwitzerlandAppli cat i on N ote 4 3 0 9 8Speciation analysis of Cr (III) and Cr (VI)in drinking waters using anion exchangechromatography coupled to theThermo...
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Haihan Chen - [email protected] Speciation of Drinking Waters by IC-ICP-MSHaihan Chen, Jonathan Peters, Hui Guo, Craig Young, and Ruth Marfil-Vega. Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, 7102 Riverwood Dr, Columbia, MD 21046, USAIntroductionTable 1. Operating conditions of Shimadzu Prominence ICParameterSettingParameterColumnShodexTM VC-50 2DSeparation SchemeMobile...
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Application NoteEnvironmentalDetermination of HexavalentChromium in Drinking Water by IonChromatography (IC)–ICP-MSFast, sensitive, and accurate measurement of Cr(VI)using a Metrohm 940 IC coupled to the Agilent 7800ICP-MSIntroductionAuthorsYan Cheung , Jayesh Gandhi , LoriAllen3, Amy Furreness2, MatthewNatschke3, Hannah Tangen3, andChris LeValley312Agilent Technologies, Wood...
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Chromium Speciation in Drinking Water using LC(IC)LC(IC)-ICPICP-MSWinter Plasma Conference 2012Poster FP38Mina Tanoshima, Tetsushi Sakai, and Craig Jones , Agilent TechnologiesIntroductionResults and DiscussionChromium is a transition metal which may be present in the environment in various forms depending on the sample...
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