Low-level lead speciation and isotope ratio analysis by GC-MC-ICP-MS

Applications | 2019 | Thermo Fischer ScientificInstrumentation
GC, ICP/MS, Speciation analysis
Thermo Fischer Scientific
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TECHNICAL NOTE 30383Speciation and δ34S analysis of volatileorganic compounds in crude oil byGC-MC-ICP-MSAuthorsIntroductionGrant Craig, Antonella Guzzonato,Christopher Brodie,Shona McSheehy Ducos,and Claudia BoumanThermo Fisher Scientific,Bremen, GermanyAs the 10th most abundant element on Earth, sulfur is a common constituentof many organic compounds.1 Redox...
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APPLICATION BRIEF 30382Low-level lead speciation and isotope ratioanalysis by GC-MC-ICP-MSAuthorsIntroductionGrant Craig, Antonella Guzzonato,Shona McSheehy Ducos,and Claudia BoumanThermo Fisher Scientific,Bremen, GermanyLead has been a major anthropogenic environmental contaminant forcenturies, associated with mining, smelting and fossil fuels.1 Transported viaatmospheric aerosols, lead contamination...
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TECHNICAL NOTEGrant Craig, Antonella Guzzonato, Christopher Brodie, Shona McSheehy Ducos, and Claudia BoumanThermo Fisher Scientific, Bremen, GermanyKeywordsNeptune Plus ICP-MS, GCI 300 Interface, GasChromatography, Speciation, Sulfur, δ34S, Isotope Ratio,Crude Oil, Medium ResolutionGoalTo demonstrate the utility of the Thermo Scientific™Neptune Plus™ Multicollector...
Key words
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