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Molecular Spectroscopy Compendiumensure food quality,production, and safety TABLE OF CONTENTSIn this compendium, you’ll find current and emergingapplications that will help you identify both target andnon-target molecules by applying the very latesttechniques for spectral data gathering.The table of contents below has been...
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In situ screening of quality traits intomato cultivars using the handheld4200 FlexScan FTIR spectrometerApplication noteFood testingAuthorsGlynda Fe G. Sayajon*, SarahHerringshaw*, Alejandra M.Santos*, Luis E. Rodriguez-Saona*and David M. Francis†The Ohio State University* Columbus, † Wooster, OH, USAAbstractChemometrics was employed to develop...
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The Automation of Microscopic Analyses: Ease of Use
|Agilent Technologies|Technical notes
NOTICE: This document contains references to Varian.Please note that Varian, Inc. is now part of AgilentTechnologies. For more information, go Automation ofMicroscopic Analyses:Ease of UseAPPLICATION BRIEFWritten by: Ellen Miseo, Product Manager - Digilab, LLCIntroductionTypically, infrared analysis is carried out...
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