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Application NoteEnergy and ChemicalsDetermination of Metals in RecycledLi-ion Battery Samples by ICP-OESQuantifying 18 metals in “black mass” batterymaterials using the Agilent 5800 ICP-OESAuthorIntroductionShuping LiLithium-ion batteries (LIBs) have been the power source of choice in consumerelectronics for many years due to...
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Evaluating the performance of theOneNeb Series 2 Nebulizer withPerkinElmer Optima 7/8x00 SeriesICP-OES systemsCompetitive ComparisonIntroductionThe Agilent OneNeb nebulizer is a novel nebulizer design that offers superiorperformance compared to other commercially available concentric nebulizers used withICP-OES instruments. This universal nebulizer provides improved...
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Application NoteEnvironmentalFast Analysis of EnvironmentalSamples using the Agilent 5110ICP-OES and ESI prepFASTAutomated high-throughput method compliantwith EPA Method 200.7AuthorAndrew Toms, Joel Uhlmeyerand Michael Plantz1Neli Drvodelic2Elemental Scientific,Omaha, USA12Agilent Technologies, Inc.IntroductionMany regulatory agencies worldwide require the analysis of treated municipalwastewater, stormwater run-off, and...
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Improving Throughput for Oils Analysis by ICP-OES
2010|Agilent Technologies|Applications
Improving Throughput for OilsAnalysis by ICP-OESApplication NoteInductively Coupled Plasma-Optical Emission SpectrometersAuthorIntroductionIngrid SziklaTrend analysis of wear metals in lubricating oils is a proven, cost-effective predictivemaintenance technique. The presence and levels of various metal elements in lubricating oils gives an indication of...
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