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April 2020 EditionAtomic SpectroscopyApplications in theEnvironmental LaboratoryApplications compendium > Search entire documentTable of contentsTitlePageAgilent atomic spectroscopy solutions for the analysis of drinking water, wastewater, soils, and sludges3Atomic spectroscopy techniques5Atomic absorption spectroscopy (AA)5Microwave plasma – atomic emission spectroscopy (MP-AES)6Inductively coupled plasma –...
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Agilent Atomic Absorption Spectrometers
2022|Agilent Technologies|Brochures and specifications
Atomic Absorption SpectrometersProductive, Precise, Reliable.Agilent 200 series AA systems Productive, Precise, Reliable.Agilent’s AA range is productive, user-friendly, and exceptionallyreliable. The instruments deliver the high performance thatanalysts require, while being equally at home in routinelaboratories where reliability and simple operation are vital.The...
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Agilent 280 Series Atomic Absorption Spectrometers (AAS)
2020|Agilent Technologies|Brochures and specifications
Agilent Atomic AbsorptionSpectrometersAgilent 280 Series AA Systems Highest PerformanceFor Your ToughestAnalytical ChallengesThe Agilent 280 AA range is productive,user-friendly, and exceptionally reliable.With a high specification optical systemthe instruments deliver the high performancethat analysts require, while being equally athome in routine laboratories where...
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Determination of Low Levels ofArsenic using Flame AAS andAgilent UltrAA LampsApplication NoteAtomic AbsorptionAuthorIntroductionDr. Jon HallNickel ore can be profitable to mine and process depending on the prevailing marketvalue of the nickel. It can also be profitable depending on the levels...
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