General Features of the New Agilent 7500 ICP-MS

Brochures and specifications | 2000 | Agilent TechnologiesInstrumentation
Agilent Technologies
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Upgrade Productsfor Agilent 7500 Series ICP-MSInstrumentsSelection GuideContentsIntroductionMainframe UpgradesOctopole Reaction System (ORS) UpgradesG3275A ORS upgrade from G3151A (7500a),G3152A (7500i) and G3153A (7500s)G3276A ORS upgrade from G3151B (7500a)and G3153B (7500s)G3277A ORS upgrade from G3155A (7500c)G3278A ORS upgrade from G3155B (7500c)G3279A ORS upgrade...
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Agilent 7700 Series ICP-MS
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Agilent 7700 SeriesICP-MSExtraordinary design.Unparalleled performance. The Agilent 7700 Series ICP-MSAdvancing ICP-MS technology. Simplifying trace metals analysis.Whether you need to analyze hundreds of complex samples in less time, or confidently detect ultra trace metals in high purityreagents, Agilent’s 7700 Series ICP-MS can...
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Agilent 8800 Triple Quadrupole ICP-MS
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Agilent 8800 Triple Quadrupole ICP-MSTECHNOLOGY TRANSFORMED.PERFORMANCE REDEFINED. AGILENT TECHNOLOGIES8800 TRIPLE QUADRUPOLE ICP-MSTechnology transformed.Performance redefined.The power of MS/MS• Unparalleled accuracy – MS/MS unleashes the full power ofreaction cell ICP-MS by eliminating the variability associated withreaction mode on ICP-QMS. In ICP-QQQ, the first...
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Ion Lens Design
2021|Agilent Technologies|Technical notes
Ion Lens DesignAgilent ICP-MS technology briefBenefits of Agilent off-axis ion lens:High ion transmissionThe combination of twin extraction lensesand the “Omega” off axis ion lens providesexceptionally high ion transmission and lowbackground. This allows Agilent ICP-MSsystems to use an optimum configuration of:–Very...
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